Thursday, August 5, 2010

well well well

So this is our first post fingers crossed I am getting this right. So as I type J is sitting on my lap being sooky coz his ear is hurting him again I wish he could just get better.

So on other news only 5 and a half weeks till we move back to sunny QLD. My objective for the day is ringing interstate removals and getting quotes and doing some more packing. It feels like the past 5 months have gone so quickly. Well actually it feels like the past 2 years have gone quickly it wasn't long ago I was pregnant and now I have an almost 2 year old.

Well I think that is about it for right now but will be back for tonight.

AS well as posting my every day stuff i will probably post a new recipe every day coz as most of you know our son J is allergic to dairy, soy, most preservatives and seafood and he is loosing weight so it is becoming my mission to create new and exciting food that he will eat and is free from everything :D

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